How To Find Out Who Visited Your Facebook Profile ?

How To Find Out Who Visited My Facebook Profile?

Everyone know Facebook is largest social media site. And everybody wants to know Who Visited My Facebook Profile regularly. Whatever it is girl or boy everyone wants to know who visit my facebook profile daily and some question arise in mind that who viewed my pics? Which girls/boys viewed my profile and so on..

By this trick, you can easily know who visited your profile. You just need to follow below given instructions.

How To Do It?

Step1: Go to Your Facebook Timeline.

Step2: Now just command Ctrl+u and a new window will open it will be view source code of your profile.

Step3: Now Command Ctrl+f.

Step4: A search bar open at right-top.

Step5: Now Just type “InitialChatFriendsList” (Don’t include Quotes).

Step6: Next to that word, you’ll see a list of numbers, these are the profile ids of people who visit your timeline.

Step7: Now copy one of this id and go search “” Remember id is your copied id from your timeline.

Step8: Yippee! The id will open that visited your profile

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