Whatsapp Status | Best Whatsapp Status Attitude & Love


Whatsapp Status | Best Whatsapp Status Attitude & Love

Whatsapp Status: In this article, I’m Sharing Collection of Best Whatsapp Status, Whatsapp Status Attitude, Love Status and more. Everyone Know Whatsapp is one of the popular and most used social media chatting application. There are Billions of users and Our day start and end for it. And Whatsapp Status in English is one of the important factors for the social profile.

1. I Never Stopped loving…I Just Stopped Showing it.

2. Believing in yourself is the first, Key of Success.

3. Smile In front of People who “Hate You.” Your Happiness Kill them.

4. Follow Your Hear, “But don’t be Stupid.”

5. Fake People have Image to maintain but “Real People just Don’t care.”

6. I’m Wating for your message.

7. Stay Focused and “Never Give up.”

8. “Never Give Up” because “Things are Hard.”

9. Don’t Give Up The Begining is Always Hardest.

10. Work Hard, Dream Big.

Best Whatsapp Status

Best Whatsapp Status
Best Whatsapp Status

11. I’m in a relationship with my BED.

12. You can’t afford me, “Because I’m Priceless.”

13. I don’t wait for Anyone accept You “Only You.”

14. I’m not Lazy, I’m just my energy on Saving Mode.

15. If you never had True Friends…You never Lived Life…

16. Don’t have you any work other than, Checking my Whatsapp Status.

17. I’m not rude; I’m honest. I just speak what’s on my mind, even most can’t handle the truth.

18. Don’t Copy my attitude, Because it’s my @copyrights.

19. True love is not what stands many years of separations, but the one which withstands many years of intimacy. For more Whatsapp Status Attitude

20. You’ll miss me when I’m gone, and then you will appreciate my true value.

Whatsapp Status Attitude

Whatsapp Status Attitude
Whatsapp Status Attitude

21. Learning to find Joy in Life – that’s the best way to bring happiness.

22. I would Slap You, But “I Love You.”

23. Whatsapp Status is Loading…I’m available!! Please Disturb me because “Life is too Short.

24. I Respect for those who deserve it. Not for Those who Demand it.

25. If you don’t like me, Turn your Head and Walk away. Simple as that.

26. You Can’t Buy Happiness, But can buy Cupcakes. And that kind of the same thing.

27. I Don’t Trust Words; I trust Action.

28. I just want to say, “You Are My Life.”

29. I Keep Myself Busy with things to do, but every time I Pause, I Still of you.

30. Do More of What Makes You Happy.

New Whatsapp Status Love

Whatsapp Status Love
Whatsapp Status Love

31. It took a Long Time for me, to realize that people Love Differently.

32. Standing Alone doesn’t mean I’m alone, It means I’m Strong enough to Handle things all by myself.

33. An action is a foundational Key to All Success.

34. I can’t Promise to fix All of your Problems, But I can Promise You won’t Face them all Alone.

35. “Edit Your Life Frequently Ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after All”.

36. I Cry, not because I’m Weak. It’s Because I have been Strong for too Long.

37. Life teaches us To MakeGood Use of Time, while time teaches us “VALUE of LIFE.”

38. “Have Patience. All things are DIFFICULT before they BECOME easy.”

39. Unsuccessful People Make Decisions based on their Current Situation. But Successful People make decisions based on Where they want to be.

40. “Life is Art of Drawing without an Eraser.”

Whatsapp Status Sad

41. Don’t think about me Because I’m Untold Mystery.

42. “You Love Me” or “Hate Me” I Just Don’t Care. I still Love You.

43. There are “7 Billion” People exits on Earth. But I exist Only for You.

44. If Life is a Game. “I wish you win Always.

45. The Best Feeling is when You Look at me, and I’m already Staring.

46. All Men Created Evil. Some are Just More Evil Than Others.

47. Silly Me, Expecting Too Much From People Again.

48. Being SEXY is aLL About attitude, Not Body Type. It’s States of Mind Set.

49. We Mature with Damage, Not with Years.

50. If You do right no one Remember. If you do Wrong, No One Forget.

51. Be The Type of Person You Want to Meet Me.

52. Service to Other is The Rent to Pay Your Room on Earth.

53. If I treated you, The way, you Treated me. You would Hate Me.

54. “I am Single Ready to Mingle.”

55. Beautiful Things Happen in your Life When You Distance Yourself from all Negative Things.

56. Always Remember that You are Unique Just Like everyone else.

57. Life is Too Short. Don’t Waste it Pendrive Safely.

58. I don’t Trust Words; I Trust Actions.

59. Dekh Pagli “Not Working I am Princess” Likhne se Aukat ni Badal jati.

60. I am currently experiencing at the rate 15 WTF’s every hour.

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Whatsapp Status Love

Whatsapp Staus Love
Whatsapp Status Love

1. I Love You From My Heart…I’m you’re For My Whole Life.

2. I hATE yOU, AND tHEN I lOVE yOU. It’s Like want to Throw you off Cliff, Then Rush To The Bottom To Catch You.

3. “Best Way to Not Get Your Heart Broken, is Pretend That You don’t have One.”

4. I Just Wondered how You are and If you Miss Me at all…because I Miss You. A lot!!!

5. “I Don’t Want Someone Like You, I Want You.”

6. I Just want…to Thank You for Being My Reason to Look Forward to The Next DAY.

7. When I First Met You, I Honestly didn’t Know You were Gonna be this Important to me.

8. Yeah I Know He’s Cute, But he’s Mine Touch him I kill You.

9. When I’m with You, I feel Safe from the Things which Hurts me Inside.

10. You are the First and Last Thing on my Mind every Day.

11. Loving You, Is Like Breathing…How can, I Stop…

12. You are the What I need in my Life.

13. Yeah, I’m Selfish Because I will Never Share you with anyone else.

14. Only You Can Put Smile On My Face When I’m Sad…

15. Loving You is One of the Best decision of My Life…I Love You 🙂

16. I am Me, and I Don’t Change for Anyone.

17. I Love That Feeling I Get When I See Your Smile.

18. My Love Is Not Complicated without You, Help Me To Make My Love Complete…

19. You Have No Idea How Fast My Heart Beats When I… see You!

20. Without You I’m Nothing, With You, I’m Something Together, We’re Everything.

Whatsapp Status Attitude

1. I’m Not Perfect, But I’m Limited Edition.

2. I don’t Want Perfect Life; I Just Want Happy Life.

3. Trust is like a paper Once It’s Crumbled It can’t be Perfect again.

4. If You are Bad, Then call Me Your DAD.

5. You’re not my number 1; you’re my Only one.

6. If you Left me without a Reason, Don’t come back with an excuse.

7. You Only Live Once But If You Do Right, “Once is Enough.”

8. Health is Not valued Till  Sickness Comes.

9. I’m Sorry for What I Sad When I was Hungry.

10. If You Want to Shine Like a Sun, First Burn Like a Sun.

11. I Don’t Have Attitude Problem. I have an attitude; The Problem is Yours.

12. I Know I’m “Awesome” So I Don’t Care Your “Opinion.”

13. I can see You are Checking my Whatsapp “Status.”

14. You Don’t Have Key To My Heart…Because You are the Key to My Heart…I love You.

15. Don’t Judge My Past, Look my Future, I’m sure my Future is Rocking…

16. If “Plan A” didn’t Work The Alphabet has 25 more Letters! Stay Cool

17. When I was Devil Said ooh Shitt… Competition 🙂

18. I don’t Have Dirty Mind; I have Sexy Imagination.

Love Status for Whatsapp

Attitude Status for Whatsapp



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