10 Most Useful Websites You Never Knew

10 Most Useful Websites You Never Knew 

Hello, Friends welcome to another interesting article of Digitals Bharat. Almost everyone knows that millions of websites exist in the Internet world. And also thousands of websites are created daily. Many of websites are very useful but not popular. So most of the peoples never knew about these websites. We try to collect unique and useful websites list for you.

Here some most useful websites are

1. 10-minute mail generator

10 Most Useful Websites You Never Knew
10-minute mail

This website is very useful for those who want to bypass email verification process by fake email. In 10-minute mail website, an email is automatically generated within every 10 minutes.

2. Compressor.io

10 Most Useful Websites You Never Knew

The compressor is probably the best website for reducing drastically the size of your images and photos. And also maintaining a high quality with almost no difference before and after compression.

3. Zamar.com

10 Most Useful Websites You Never Knew

Zamar is the best website for convert files one format into another format. In zamar, you also no need to sign up. And from this website, you can convert 1200 types of files. But you can only convert files up to 50 MB.

4. Zlookup.com

10 Most Useful Websites You Never Knew

Zlookup is the great website to make a free call from the internet. From this website, you can also identify the name of an owner of any mobile number or landline number. Zlookup is almost 100% free and working website for internet calling.

5. ManualsLib.com

10 Most Useful Websites You Never Knew

Whenever you buy any new products if it is possible there is no user guide manual. And your manual were misplaced. In this situation, manualslib is very helpful for you. Manualslib contains more than 2.6 million manuals for different products. You can search any manual for a product.

6. DisposableWebPage.com

10 Most Useful Websites You Never Knew
disposable web page

This website is almost same to 10-minute mail. In the 10-minute mail, you can generate temporary email address similar to In disposable web page you can generate a temporary web page. That can automatically dispose of after some time.

7. Accountkiller.com

10 Most Useful Websites You Never Knew
account killer

Account Killer kills any social media account easily. Many of peoples have the problem to deleted social media accounts. But account killer kills any social account easily.

8. Twofoods.com


10 Most Useful Websites You Never Knew
Two foods

TwoFoods is food comparison tool that compares the nutritional data of either two food items to see which food is better for you.

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