Interesting Facebook Tricks You must Know 2017

10 Interesting Facebook Tricks You must Know 2017

Hello, friends! welcome to the another new article of Digitals Bharat. Almost Everyone knows about Facebook but not everyone knows all Facebook Tricks. Facebook is the world biggest social media network and you could use them. So you could learn these Facebook Tricks which make help you to a power user.

These 10 facebook interesting tricks make you a smart user of facebook and help for secure your account by hackers. If you have also a trick for facebook then please give suggestion in the comment section. lets start

1. Invite All friends To Like a Facebook     Page at Once:

Many peoples ask it is possible to invite over thousands of peoples at Once to like a facebook page? The answer is yes, It is possible to invite thousands of peoples at once not even for like a page but also for an event.

There are many ways to do this job but i preferred a Tool for this which is Tool Kit for Facebook. Just install and activate chrome extension “Tool kit for Facebook”. And Enjoy this Facebook Tricks.

2. Appear Online To Selected Friends:

Facebook Chat is one of the coolest features of facebook.

We have a lot of friends on facebook but we can’t interest to chat all of them. If we not interest chat to some friends and we appear online then they send a message if we do not reply them they thought we ignoring them. So this tricks is the solution of the problem.

How to do it

Go to Chat found at the lower right side of the page and then, click on the gear icon and click on advanced settings. A window will pop-up on the screen, Now you will see three option click on “Turn on chat for all friends, except..” Now start adding your friend’s name, for whom you don’t want to appear online. With this, you now appear completely invisible to them. Try it now.


3. Make your Display/Profile  Pic “Un-clickable”

Many people don’t want others to click their profile pic and view enlarged version specially girls. For safety reasons, girls don’t want to view enlarge or download there profile picture. But by this trick, it is easy safe your profile pictures by other.

How to do it?

Step1: Go to your Timeline, Then navigate to Photos-> albums->profile pictures

Step 2: Select your current profile pic and set its privacy to “Only Me” from default “Public”.

4.How to Schedule future facebook message:

This is very important for blogger, online marketer, businessmen or any other people.You can Schedule Future Post for any Status Update on you Facebook Profile as well as Fan pages by using BufferApp FOR FREE.

5.Change Facebook Theme Colour:

Everybody know that facebook theme color is blue and white. Everyone familiar with but you know facebook theme color can change?, Yes, facebook theme color can change. By this Facebook Tricks, you can able to change the color of facebook theme Just follow below given instructions

Change facebook theme colour
Change facebook theme color by Better Facebook

Step1: Just go to google chrome setting and click on extensions and then get more extensions.

Step2: Now just install and activate Better Facebook chrome extension

Step4: After install you can see an extension icon right of the top corner of chrome.

Step5: Click on better facebook icon and change facebook color.

6. Send a message to all friends at once

Sometimes you want to send a message to all friends like to invite for a party or for other reason. But you wouldn’t send a message to all friends at once but by this Facebook tricks, You are able to send a message to all friends at once.

How to do it?

Step1: Install and activate Google chrome extension “Tool Kit for Facebook”.

Step2: After installing you will see an icon for Tool kit extension on your chrome browser just click on it and then click on send a message to all.

Step3: Just enter a message and set timing then click on send a message.

7. Turn off Autoplay of Facebook Videos:

Facebook auto-plays videos whenever you are checking the timeline. If you wish to disable the auto-play of videos, you can do that by following these steps.

Step1: Go to Facebook setting then videos

Step2: Turn off the auto play of facebook videos.

facebook auto play video

8. Download Facebook Photo Album

Do you want to download you ever uploaded photo album, you friend’s, your group’s album in a bulk? So here is a free Firefox Add-on available that lets you to download photo albums from your, your friend’s profile and group in just a single click.
Download FacePAD: Facebook Photo Album Downloader

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