How to track your lost Phone

How to track your lost Phone

Hello, Friends! Welcome to another interesting article of Digitals Bharat. Today I tell about how to track your lost phone. Hey, Have you lost your cell phone? Many of times you have seen the lost of cell phone cases in your surrounding. In today generation everyone carries a cell phone and most of the peoples are careless. Sometimes your cell phone were stolen by the thief or sometimes you misplaced your phone. You don’t need to worry about it. This article will probably help you a lot.

How to track your lost Phone
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There may be many ways to track your lost cell phone. But some of them are working and some are waste of time. But we try to introduce the best method in front of you. You just need to follow below steps. This article will help also you in future.

1.Google Android Device Manager for Track Your Android Mobile

Google Android manager is an official tool of Google for tracking a cell phone. The best part of the Google Android manager is it inbuilt in your phone. There is no need to download in addition application to track your cell phone. The requirement is your phone is enabled with Google account and also internet connection is available on your phone. And also internet connection is on.

Steps for track your Phone

Step1 Go to the Google Android Device Manager.

Step2 Now sign your same Gmail account which was enabled in your lost cell phone.

Step3 Therefore it will automatically track your cell phone location.

Note: Internet connection must be enabled on your lost cell phone for track location.

2. Google Map location history

You can also track your mobile by using Google map history feature. You need your google account which is enabled on your phone. Therefore Sign with your phone Google account on the browser and go to map location history feature. Make sure your lost phone is probably connected with the internet connection to see real-time location. If your phone is not connected from the network then it shows the last location of the phone when it connected with the internet.

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