How to Get 1000 likes on Facebook Page free

How to Get 1000 likes on Facebook Page free

Hello friends, Welcome to another interesting article of Digitals Bharat. In this article, I tell about How to get 1000 likes on Facebook Page free. Facebook Page likes are very important for any website, company, self or industry. Facebook Page help to get traffic on a website from Facebook. If you have a huge amount of likes on Facebook Page then you get more traffic on the website which increases your income. Facebook is a largest online community. There are about 2 billion are existed on Facebook which is very large. So Facebook fan following is a must for your blog or business to get traffic. You can’t neglect Traffic from Facebook if your blogger because according to survey many bloggers earn high amount of money from Facebook Page traffic.

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There are many Facebook Pages which earn million dollars from Facebook Page traffic like sarcasm, rvcj etc. Sarcasm has more than 30 million likes on Facebook Page which generate a high amount of income per month due to Facebook Page. So If you are a blogger or you want to earn money online then you must get Facebook Page likes. And this article gives you lots of help if you are new to reach this question How to get 1000 likes on Facebook Page free and fast.

Method For How to Get 1000 likes on Facebook Page free:

How to get 1000 likes on Facebook Page free
How to get 1000 likes on Facebook Page free

# Fake Likes from any Autoliker generator sites.

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These Facebook Page likes are totally fake and you don’t get any benefit from these likes. Because these likes are generated from a fake profile which can’t really exist. So if your follower can’t exist in the real world then how they follow your articles or content. And you didn’t  get any traffic on your website. Even your Facebook page may be banned lifetime if you generate a high amount of likes. There many sites which recommended you to get easy and fast like from Autoliker tricks but these tricks are spam. And you didn’t get any profit from these likes. Likes from Autoliker are only for showoff.

So I suggest you drop the idea to get like from Autoliker because these likes are spam. Try to get only real likes. I explain how to get 1000 likes on Facebook Page free from a real person. You need to follow below instruction to get Facebook likes fast.

# Real and genuine likes from these tricks to get 1000 likes in just 2-3 days

You should do some hard work to get real Facebook page likes. But these likes are genuine and profitable for your blog. You to need to follow these steps to get 1000 Facebook likes in just 5 days or even in fewer days.

1. Get Facebook Page likes from live videos

How to get 1000 likes on Facebook Page free
How to get 1000 likes on Facebook Page free

Facebook live videos are more effective than other post or normal videos for getting engagement. The Facebook live video is always trending on Facebook and very helpful to get easily likes. Take any old or popular video from anywhere and live on the Facebook page.

2. Join Large Groups and Share your live videos and post.

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How to get 1000 likes on Facebook Page free
How to get 1000 likes on Facebook Page free

For a beginner, it is very hard to get engagement on post because you can’t have a sufficient number of the follower. So Facebook Groups are very helpful getting engagements and likes on Facebook Page. Join large Facebook groups and share your live videos and other post. Try to join minimum 30 groups which have at least 50k members. If your only one video get perform better than you get 1000 facebook likes only from one video. But you need to maximum number of share in groups.

3. Post regular videos or memes

Always regularity gives you better result in any field. So if you want to make your Facebook page large and get millions followers then you need to get active and regular. Post suffuicent and quality content on page at interval of time to get likes easily.

4. Invite your post liker and Frineds to like your Facebook Page

If you share your videos and post in Groups then maximum chance to people like your post instead of page. Only 2% people like your page in group. So invite those people who didn’t like your page but like your post by click on your likes button.

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